Quick Credit Comparator


In the following table we inform you of the best Fast Credits granted by online financiers. They are Loans for urgent needs that are not essential to have payroll and are Loans without Guarantee.

The money is credited to your account in a few minutes and some of the financiers also grant loans with credit institutions when the debt is small and the reason of little relevance such as non-payment of telephones, television and others.

Advantages of the Quick Credit Comparator

Advantages of the Quick Credit Comparator

With our comparator of fast loans, on one page you have all the information of the credits offered by the financial company, the amount they lend, the interest they charge, how much time you have to return the money. If the APR is very expensive or cheap and in short everything you need to choose the best loan for you.

The comparator is offered with complete independence and transparency so that you can choose the loan that best suits your economic situation and the amount you need. However, our criteria is that before going to online financials, ask for the money in your bank. The cost will be cheaper and possibly also fast.

How to Use the Loan Comparator

How to Use the Loan Comparator

Analyze the different financial ones that we show you above, checking the maximum amount and the minimum amount that each one offers. See the interest rate charged by each offer and, above all, look at the APR, which is the calculation of the interest that includes all expenses and commissions. From your analysis, you can ask for the credit in at least 3 of the financial ones to finally get the best credit. We do not advise to sign a contract with more than one financial company, since the loan must be repaid in a very short term and in case of default it could cause major problems.

Use caution with credit offers online because, as in other sectors, there are many scammers on the network. The way they cheat is to ask for money before giving the cash of the supposed credit. Therefore, never send money to strangers.

Comparator of Personal Loans

Comparator of Personal Loans

In the following Table we show you the Personal Loans offered by the main Banksain with indication of the necessary requirements, the documents they request to analyze the credits and the conditions of interest rate at a fixed rate and at a variable rate.

Select the personal credit that best suits your needs and access the bank’s website to apply online.

Payday loans same day cash -You might consider us for same day payday loans

Debt consolidation is the combination of two or more previously drawn loans into a single liability while harmonizing the interest rate and other conditions, usually with the simultaneous extension of the repayment period. The main reason for using debt consolidation is to reduce your monthly installments.

You can consolidate many types of loan obligations – mortgage, cash, installment, car, personal account overdraft or credit card debt, but also previously consolidated loans. It is a kind of game with several parameters – interest rate, commission, repayment period and collateral if the consolidation is a mortgage.

You might consider us if you want same day payday loans 

Same day payday loans online are very popular because they are convenient. The same day payday loan via https://dedebt.com/ promises payment on the day of approval.

The main purpose and at the same time the primary benefit for the borrower is the reduction of the monthly costs of servicing his debt. The debt consolidation is connected with the extension of the repayment period, which allows constructing the amount of the monthly installment paid by the borrower so that it is lower than the sum of installments paid so far. The money saved in this way can be used for other purposes. Often, additional creditworthiness is released, giving the possibility to take another loan, which was not possible before. Not without significance for the borrower is the need to pay only one installment per month, which definitely facilitates the control of debt repayment, and thus the household budget, as the expenses incurred become more transparent. In addition, by paying one installment instead of several, you can make arrangements with the bank so that its maturity falls on the date most convenient for the borrower, i.e. when the borrower has cash, e.g. just after the day on which he receives remuneration or a retirement benefit. Some banks also give the borrower the opportunity to agree to a grace period of several months to pay back the consolidation loan, however, such options are not common and apply to consolidation loans with mortgage collateral.

The bank also does not lose

The main benefit is taking over the customer and binding him for the longest possible period with the bank that will consolidate. It is not uncommon for a borrower, who is a customer of several banks, in which he took out various loans, to become a client of only one bank for many years through one consolidation. In addition, the bank takes full control over the state of the borrower’s liabilities, which in the event of any threats to loan repayment allows the institution to react faster and more efficiently in the form of subsequent debt reconstruction, an extension of repayment terms, or an increase in the level of collateral. In the event of reliable repayment of consolidated liabilities, the bank acquires a loyal customer to whom it can offer its other products – a personal account, term deposits, payment cards or credit cards.

The high level of competition in the banking market encourages its participants to use various forms of customer acquisition. More and more banks have a universal character and a very diversified offer. Today, it would be difficult to imagine the existence of these institutions without such a tool as a consolidation loan. It has become one of the most important ways to build a loan portfolio of banks which, while fighting for clients, come up with newer and newer variants.

How to Read the Account Statement of My Credit Card?

We could say that the statement is a summary of the movements made with my credit card .

These purchase operations are determined within a set deadline that is usually monthly, detailing the dates, type of transaction, amount thereof, associated expenses, insurance, commissions and interest rates, among others.

In a nutshell, it is a summary of the operations and costs associated with my credit card in a given period


What information does my credit card account contain?

What information does my credit card account contain?

Now, we are going to shred the contents of the statement . If each bank has a different format, the content is similar in all.

Customer and bank data

First of all we have to say that the account statement comes in the name of the cardholder with their personal data and plastic number, although it also includes all the movements made by the additional plastics, although they must appear separately.

In the upper part of the statement of account , the issuing bank and the type of credit card are listed, as well as a relevant piece of information that we must always keep in mind, the period covered by the transactions carried out and included, in addition to the cut-off date. .


Amounts to be paid and forms of payment

Amounts to be paid and forms of payment

Here, very important data is reflected. In the first place, the amounts that we have to pay and the modalities to do appear.

The term that is usually highlighted is the deadline to make the payment, a fundamental fact because after the established limit we will enter into a defaulted state in front of the bank and not only that interest will begin to run for this breach, but we will stain our credit history in case of continuing in this situation.

Now, pay attention because the juiciest data appear. Below we make a detail of the different alternatives and amounts to cancel the statement of my credit card otherwise.

  • Minimum Payment : First, banks usually distinguish strongly the amount of the minimum payment assigned to my credit card. The bank is interested in this alternative, because it refinances the debt at very high rates and keeps us captive for several years in this way, as the debt continues to increase.
  • Payment not to generate interest: it is an amount that suits us, but it is the highest. Means canceling my entire statement, without leaving debts that generate interest. In the amount “totalero”, the good cardholder is the one who pays each month.
  • Minimum payment + months without interest : a real headache. Pay only a small portion and also make purchases that mean a debt for several months that we may not be able to pay at term is not recommended. It is an alternative that we should discard but that exist in the account statements.


Types of interests and Total Annual Cost (CAT) that apply

Types of interests and Total Annual Cost (CAT) that apply

The account statement of the credit card includes the interest for the financing of the purchases and the current interest rates for the lack of payment of the same.

That is, they are expenses that involve having a plastic and that are linked to their use and associated obligations.

  • Ordinary interest rate : is the percentage assigned to financing
  • Moratorium interest rate : the percentage that is applied in case of “non-payment”
  • Promotional rate : some banks apply a fixed special rate
  • Total Annual Cost (CAT) : Is the final percentage that includes interest, commissions and other expenses


Balances and limits

Balances and limits

Credit cards have maximum amounts assigned according to the type of client and card. To do this, the bank describes in my account statement the previous balance and the limits I have available to make provisions in ATMs.

It also details the associated interest and VAT, as well as the discounts we have assigned to reach a total.

Here also the credit limit and the available limit must appear clearly.

The more purchases we have for months with or without interest, the limits are decreasing, because our purchasing capacity becomes smaller.


Keywords within a statement of account

Keywords within a statement of account

  • Deadline
  • Cutoff date
  • Current balance
  • Way to pay
  • Minimum payment
  • Full payment
  • Interest rate
  • Monthly payments without interest
  • Total Annual Cost


Where do I pay my credit card statement?

Where do I pay my credit card statement?

At the time of paying my statement, at present the banks have extended the option of places to cancel it.

There are several alternatives and you can choose the one that suits you best, but remember some credit cards when they are hired. The form of payment is stipulated in the contract.

  • Debit in bank account : Each month, the bank debits us from the account the amount established in the account statement. Remember to have enough balance so they can make the discount.
  • Cash at the window : You can go to the bank branch with the money and cancel the amount either in cash or check.
  • Banking correspondent : Stores, pharmacies, etc., that have agreements with banks allow payment in the boxes of your card.
  • Online : The websites of financial institutions allow online payments. For this you must have active service with username and password enabled.
  • By telephone : You must call the line available to each bank and select the credit card payment option. There they will ask you for information to authenticate your identity.

Furnishing Loan: Request a Quote!

Do you want to buy the furniture for your home? You can finally stop choosing used and make your apartment new! Choose everything you like without worries. Good Finance is here to help you complete the action in complete tranquility.

Rely on our company that has been operating in this sector throughout Italy for over ten years, always available to every customer. Request a home furnishing loan quote now and get the liquidity you need. Within 24 hours one of our experts will be at your complete disposal. Reliability and solutions at your fingertips!

Furnishing Loan: What is it?

The furnishing personal loan is used to obtain useful liquidity to housing, such as to furnish some or all of the house. There are two ways to request a furniture loan, or through personal financing , where liquidity will be credited directly to the current account, with the installments provided for in the contract, or through the finalized loan where the retailer establishes an agreement with a credit institution and the applicant must activate the loan which is bound to the purchase of the asset.

The sum is given directly to the seller and the buyer reimburses the loan. The maximum liquidity that can be requested is € 30000 and can be extended with a repayment plan of up to 120 months . This duration allows you to request large amounts, while keeping the rate low. If you want to request a free quote without obligation, fill in the following form: Click here and entrust our experts!

Furnishing Loan: Who Can Request It?


The personal furnishing loan is accessible by everyone as long as it has a clean credit record. In order to get the funding must not result in any database as CRIF, Experian or Ctc and considering that banks have the ability to access and consult the Central Bank of the risks of Italy, there is no way out.

All people with reports due for example to payment delays will be entered in the database, it will be impossible to access the loan even for protested . Therefore they can request funding for employees, pensioners and the self-employed aged between 18 and 75 at the end of the loan, so the credit is reserved for those who have the ability to repay the debt with a demonstrable income .

Furnishing Loan: Why is the request rejected?

Furnishing Loan: Why is the request rejected?

A credit institution rejects your personal loan application if you are registered in any database, this would therefore mean being a bad payer. This happens in case of reports or protests. Therefore the loan can be rejected for having paid the installments of a loan late or not having actually paid them, for having applied for a loan too recently and perhaps with a negative outcome, to have many monthly commitments that lead to having a high debt or for have signed as guarantor for a loan in which the applicant pays badly the installments.

It is advised not to continue to make other personal loan applications after the first refusal, as the report remains in the database for 30 days , therefore it is necessary to wait for the time necessary for the cancellation, otherwise the second request will be automatically rejected and will increase the time of the name in the database.

The protests instead result when a person has had problems with bills or checks , always for the delay or non-payment of the installments of the latter.

Swing in competition in the Brazilian card market is a harbinger of consolidation

The recent shift in the “little war” may precipitate a consolidation in Brazil’s electronic payment industry, as the falling margins of the companies in the industry should limit the number of groups that can be sustainable in the long run.

For experts, the Network’s offensive of zeroing fees to advance D + 2 funds for retailers on cash credit card payments has shown that survival in the industry will gradually depend on firepower, ie capital.

Rede’s offer, conditioned on a closer relationship with its controller Good Finance, tends to be somehow followed by other large banks. And the plight of smaller rivals is likely to be made more difficult by signaling from the Caixa Econômica Federal that it plans to enter the sector hard by next year.

According to entrepreneurs involved in the chain


There is still room for new aggressive movements, especially from institutions linked to banks.

“The truth is that the margins charged in the card acquiring market are still huge and incompatible with value added to customers,” said Francisco Ferreira, a partner at fintech Baron Munchausen, which operates loans to companies, including sub-purchasers.

It is true that these margins have fallen sharply in recent years since regulatory changes implemented by the Central Bank broke a duopoly in the sector about a decade ago, led by Cielo (formerly Visanet) and Rede (formerly Redecard).

Currently, there are at least a hundred companies acting as card acquirers or sub-purchasers in the country, according to Central Bank data, and several of them with a business model based mainly on financial income from anticipated receivables.

In this environment, retailer spending on payment processing, which in recent years has exceeded 10 percent of revenues, including terminal leasing, price per transaction (MDR) and receivables prepayment interest, fell to 3.49 percent. Network offer, valid since last Thursday, encompassing the three services. With possibility of negotiation.

As a result, the operating margin of the sector

As a result, the operating margin of the sector

Which reached 70 percent a decade ago, has fallen to below 30 percent, as Cielo’s balance sheet for the first quarter showed.

“But it’s still a high margin; in mature markets this is around 7 percent, ”said Margot Greenman, chief executive of corporate credit manager Captalys, which also operates sub-buyer credit.

For some analysts, the response of large financial institutions to this scenario may be to bleed the profitability of the acquiring arms as a means of protecting the customer base and eventually offsetting this by inducing customers to buy a wider range of financial services.

In a possible sign of suspicion that this is has already done with the Network, Cielo waved last week with the creation of an index the effective cost practiced in the sector.

We believe that transparency will eventually end with pranks


In this respect, Cielo’s situation is more dramatic than that of its main rivals. Unlike Rede and GetNet, the market leader has not one, but two controlling banks (Bradesco and Banco do Brasil). Because it is a listed company, good governance prevents it from making use of offers that represent margin swaps between it and its partners.

The two partners have repeatedly denied plans to close Cielo’s capital as a way to resolve potential conflicts of interest issues. Meanwhile, the company’s long-term loss of market share and margins has been reflected in the nearly 70 percent drop in shares since early 2018.

How to finance with your credit card for 50 days without paying an interest check!

Learn how to get the juice at the cut-off date of your card. In this article we explain how to use money from the bank for 50 days or more at 0% interest.

Do you want to get more out of your credit card?

Do you want to get more out of your credit card?

What if instead of about 20 days after the cut you had 50 or more to pay your card? It would be a great advantage for your pocket, right?

Achieving this “magic” can be a piece of cake  if you  organize your consumption based on your cut-off date , the day until which financial institutions record payments, purchases, cash advances, among other transactions you make with your credit card. Or vice versa: if you choose the cutoff date based on your consumption pattern .

As you surely know, after this date, the banks give you a period of about 23 days – it depends on the entity, a little more or less – to pay the total amount consumed at zero cost; and if you do not pay the entire balance to the cut, you would automatically be paying an interest for financing of an expensive 60% per year.

Determining the optimal date for the cut of your credit card based on your consumption will allow you to have more time to make your payments .  If necessary, you must ask the bank to change the cut-off date. This will help you avoid trouble making consumptions in a timely manner and reduce financing costs with your credit card, in case you have them.

80% of the largest banks allow you to change your cutoff date

80% of the largest banks allow you to change your cutoff date

For each type of payment processor (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.), large financial entities have a catalog of dates from which customers can choose. 

It is such a simple procedure that you can even request it by phone.  In the bank that takes the longest time to confirm if the modification of the cutoff date is approved, the wait is seven working days. Usually, the change is made for the next court after the application is approved.

The requirement that most banks require is that the client has paid what he owes to the current court or that he at least makes the minimum payment. In entities that offer a deferred credit in combination with the credit card they could demand that the client also pay the debt owed for this product.

In addition, as stated above, it is necessary that the cut-off date desired by the client be within those that the bank has for the type of card that it has approved or activated.

As you can see, requesting the change is the simplest part. But before doing so,  we suggest you determine what your most convenient date might be .

How to identify the cutoff date that suits me best?

How to identify the cutoff date that suits me best?

The ideal cutoff date  will depend on your consumption pattern with the credit card . It is appropriate that the day of the cut is before the dates on which you make the bulk of your consumption, so that you do not have to pay them in just 20 or 23 days, but after your product cuts again in the next month , which will allow you to have an additional 27 days.

Let’s express the idea with an example .  If most of your consumption is concentrated at the end of each month, because you have to pay your bills, make the purchase of the house or fulfill other commitments, it is in your best interest to have your court before these days. Assuming that the date you honor these commitments is the 30th of each month, it is convenient that your card be cut before that day, the 28th could be.

In this way, what you consume after 29 will appear in the card status that will be generated the next time your card is cut. In addition to that it will have been almost 30 days, then you will have 20 or 23 days to pay, in total more or less 50, without paying a penny in interest on financing.

As we have seen, the optimal use of the cut-off date allows us to save time and, if anything, avoid any late fees or financing. We must be clear that this advantage is not to pay less , but to pay later or at the time of the month that suits us best.

Its use is optimal to the extent that we avoid financing costs, which are particularly high in these products. That is to say, we must bear in mind that even harmonizing the dynamic consumption-cut-off date, we must pay everything consumed to the cut on time, every month. That, avoiding financing, is the first rule number of the prudent and wise cardholder.

Loans for young people without work: is it possible to access funding?

There are many young people who cannot find a stable job and therefore need more liquidity to be able to carry out their projects and dreams. In recent years, both banks and financial institutions have come to terms with this category of users in order to guarantee even young people without work and income the possibility of accessing finance despite the absence of a pay slip that testifies, therefore, the presence of a salary .

There are those who propose as a viable road that of the bill without guarantees . The recipients of this form of loan are young people, housewives, the unemployed, the self-employed, income earners. Since there is no pay slip and very often even the guarantees are small, we talk about small loans. A larger loan would require a stronger guarantee.

The guarantees required

A young person without a job and therefore without a pay slip must be able to assure the credit institution, which provides a loan, its repayment capacity. Only in this way the loan will be granted without problems and difficulties. As alternative guarantees it is possible to propose mortgages or foreclosures on immovable or movable assets, such as: house, boat, money on current account, securities and so on. However, this last option is not so widespread especially among young people without work. Such a guarantee would cost more than the benefits you would get from applying for and obtaining a loan .

The most beaten path is that of personal guarantees, namely that of the surety bond . Very often the guarantor of a young person is his or her parent who will be responsible for reimbursing the credit provided by the bank in the event of insolvency on the part of the child.

The guarantor is the person who comes into play when the principal debtor has difficulty in repaying the capital that has been lent to him by a bank or a finance company. This is an important guarantee for the credit institution that provides the loan. The guarantor is considered, in fact, a “solid” party with the beneficiary of the capital.

In the event of insolvency

In the event of insolvency

The bank can contact the guarantor to obtain a repayment of the loaned capital. In turn, the guarantor can claim against the principal debtor.

Among other forms of guarantee in the case of loans granted to young people without a pay slip and an income there are certainly insurance. The life insurance policy allows the credit institution to get the money back in the event of sudden death or permanent disability of the beneficiary of the loan. However, insurance policies are not intended as real guarantees but as clauses that are inserted when the loan agreement is stipulated.

The loans of honor

Loans without payroll for young people have recently been one of the most common types of financing when there is no work relationship. Among the most popular options there is undoubtedly that of honor loans , loans for university students , which are characterized by an important strength: the postponement of the capital repayment plan.

The amortization plan begins only at the end of the course of study or in any case in a period subsequent to that envisaged in the case of repayment of traditional loans.

The purpose of this form of financing is to reach out to young people so that they can obtain liquidity to complete their studies and repay the debt when they have found a job. Another type of loan suitable for young people without work and income is the one that requires the presence of a parent alongside the main debtor. There are several boys who may have needed credit even though they have no job. With the presence of a parent, as a guarantor, there will be no difficulty in obtaining a loan from the credit institution.