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Bail Bonds Warren County Ohio -What Bail Bonds Do?

In the previous article, we explain what is bail and what are the most common types, if you could not read it, we briefly share what bail is.


What Bail Bonds Do?

The bond is a guarantee of compliance with a certain obligation whether it is a natural or legal person, the guarantee of compliance can be of various kinds with a creditor (usually paid).


When a client, supplier or entity requests a deposit, it does so in order to be sure that the contract will be fulfilled 100%, if for some reason it does not comply with what was agreed in the contract, the surety pays to the creditor the amount established in the contract and in turn the guarantor must pay the surety (guarantor).

In our site site, you can consult the requirements to process a bail bond.


What are the most common bonds?



Judicial bonds

The objective of this type of bond is to guarantee the fulfillment of the responsibilities that derive from a judicial procedure. The most frequent are:


 a) Criminal Judicial:


 Its objective is to prevent a person from evading the action of justice


 – Provisional release


– Conviction (parole)


– Of preparatory freedom




b) Civil Judicial


 They guarantee the repair of damages that may be caused to the opposing party and third parties. They are divided into:


 – Of precautionary providence


– Lifting of precautionary measures


– Of charge


– Alimony


– Payment




Fiscal Bonds

They are specially designed to guarantee tax authorities the fulfillment of obligations derived from fiscal disagreements or payment agreements to tax authorities.


This type of guarantee guarantees the payment of:


 – Taxes


– Rights


– Surcharges


– Updates


– Fines derived from Taxes