5 online personal finance communities to help you with money


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In times of financial volatility, like the current economic downturn, it’s natural to start thinking more carefully about how you manage your money. While you once felt financially secure, now you might have doubts about how you plan for the future and save money for the future. unexpected events.

That you’re just learning how to budget, start to save for an emergency fund or try to make a plan for pay off your debtsometimes it helps to get help to achieve your goals. Fortunately, there are free online platforms and communities designed for people in all financial situations. These groups and pages can be easily found, followed and / or joined through social media platforms and on the web.

To get you started, CNBC Select has assembled five free online communities where you can connect with other people facing similar challenges and / or goals. We have included groups to help you improve your credit rating, meet a savings goal, stay on a budget or create wealth with invest.

These resources are not intended as a substitute for professional financial assistance. It is a good idea to consult with a certified financial professional on any important questions before making any important decisions.

1. Reddit

Whether you’re looking for general personal finance advice or want to chat with other investors, Reddit has a subreddit (forum) for just about any money topic. Here are a few :

2. Financial commons

If you want to unravel the mysteries of credit scoring and credit cards, this group of 82,000 members provides all the support and knowledge you need. Perfect for those who want to improve their credit rating, get out of debt and get on the right track to start saving, the Financial Cents Facebook Group is an encouraging environment to help you achieve your goals.

Organized by fitness trainer Shanté Nicole Harris, the group started out as a small group of friends looking for a way to hold each other accountable while paying off credit card debt. From 2015 to 2019, Harris paid nearly $ 60,000 of credit card debt after battling cancer, going through an unexpected job loss and raising a son with special needs.

Today, the group still maintains its tight-knit spirit, and Harris is now a certified credit consultant. Harris believes in teaching a person the credit skills they need to avoid getting stuck again in the future. It makes conversations easier on topics like debt negotiation, reading your credit card statement, understanding your credit score, and related hassles.

3. Courageously

Bravely is a community that gives self-identified women the financial tools to bridge the gap between their dreams and their realities. Founder and financial feminist Kara Perez often hosts free money chats on the company’s site. Instagram stories that go far beyond what the average student learns in Econ 101. Perez breaks down what she calls “feminist economics” and makes personal finance inclusive, connecting topics like the wealth gap racial and gender as to what individuals can do to negotiate their wages or start building wealth. Bravely’s website offers a range of free resources, including a budgeting guide to teach you how to align your spending with your values.

4. The Bogleheads Forum

Named after Vanguard founder and investor John Bogle, the term “Bogleheads” is the title adopted by many investment enthusiasts, and especially those who publish and comment on the Bug Head Forum. Similar to Reddit, this forum has a wide selection of topics with the main focus being investment. If you are looking to be a fly among longtime investors or find others at your level of experience, this is a one stop shop to get you excited about the stock market.

You can also read the book “The Bogleheads Guide to Investing. “

5. Your money and your life

the Your money and your life The Facebook Group is NPR’s online community for anyone who wants to start saving or make more informed financial decisions. This group compliments NPR Your Money & Your Life Series and provides readers with a place to discuss how finances relate to current events, politics, daily news, and everyday life. Members discuss a range of money-related topics such as car buying, retirement planning, family planning and career changes with nearly 54,000 other money enthusiasts.

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