Adranos set to take off with rocket engine production in Stone County

STONE COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) – There’s a new kind of red glare in Stone County thanks to a new industry that’s being set up for an extended burn of economic impact for the region. Recently, aerospace company Adranos set up its testbed and rocket building facility.

“We moved here at the end of 2020. We had two people when we started, now we’ve grown to 15,” said Michael Grasso, vice president of space systems for Adranos.

“Mississippi is known as a rocket state. Propulsion systems are built here and tested here. Some of the greatest systems to ever fly things into space. So last year here at this facility we built and tested systems 10 times bigger than the rocket you see next to me,” Grasso added.

Why would a rocket company locate in Stone County? According to company officials, there are three reasons: talent, specialized infrastructure and state aid.

“One of the challenges we face in our state is ‘brain drain’. It’s an opportunity to keep some of the talent at home and some of that talent in Stone County as well,” said Betsy Rowell, executive director of the Stone County Economic Development Partnership. “Stimulate the children. Thinking differently about their job opportunities, and that’s part of that.

Adranos recently won $20 million in venture capital, making the decision to expand into Stone County a foregone conclusion. The company also has a rocket fuel facility in Indiana.

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