Aphelion Aerospace Completes Rocket Engine Development Test and Proceeds with Launcher Design for Suborbital Launch Demonstration

These ground tests are a critical phase of research and development, as Aphelion Aerospace uses a proprietary chemical blend that has never been used in the space industry before. Although there has been previous government-funded research in a lab, Aphelion is the first company to use it in a flight-scale rocket engine to commercialize the technology. By performing extensive ground testing, the company matures the technology to eliminate technical risks on the way to qualifying the complete propulsion system, including rocket motors, electric pumps and motor controllers.

With the successful completion of this research and development phase, Aphelion is proceeding with the maturation of the propulsion technology using advanced proprietary materials and additive manufacturing. This work will culminate in the fabrication and qualification of low-cost flight-ready rocket motors for the company’s Helios nanosatellite launch vehicle.

The Helios Launch System is a dedicated, low-cost nanosatellite launch vehicle designed to provide low-cost, on-demand launch services to commercial and government customers. It uses proprietary, non-toxic, non-cryogenic, and environmentally friendly “green” propulsion technology that reduces launch costs, increases reliability, and enables rapid response.

In parallel with the development of the propulsion system, Aphelion is continuing the design of its launchers, subsystems and ground support in anticipation of a first suborbital launch from the end of 2022 and a possible orbital launch in 2024.

Aphelion Aerospace is a space transportation company with a mission to operate a dedicated nanosatellite launch service that enables both on-demand and regularly scheduled orbital access with unprecedented mission flexibility and low price.

Aphelion Aerospace expresses its gratitude to its private and retail investors who have already invested in the company on StartEngine.

To learn more about Aphelion Aerospace, please visit their website at https://aphelionaerospace.com and the StartEngine campaign page at https://www.startengine.com/aphelion-aerospace.

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