Christiana Shipping sees 17-20% fuel savings with frugal propulsion system

Expedition Christiana finds fuel consumption savings of up to 20% of a ship control system Frugal propulsion.

The company now plans to install the system on all 13 of its ships, up of them at present, he said in an emailed statement on Monday.

The AI-based system optimizes a vessel’s engine and propeller based on draft, load, waves and wind to maximize fuel efficiency.

The system reduces the fuel consumption of Christiana Shipping’s tankers by 17-20% at eco speed, or in 10-14% with speed remaining the same as before.

The company expects to see a return on its investment in about 12 months.

“The market is increasingly valuing a low carbon footprint when chartering tankers”, Rune Eriksen Lorentsendirector of operations at Christiana Shipping, said in the statement.

“Therefore, it makes a huge difference whether your vessel receives a high or low CII rating.

“In addition, the Frugal Propulsion system provides us with very accurate data on the performance of the vessel, which helps us to document our fuel consumption.

“Emissions regulations will be tightened on the way, and it’s important to stay one step ahead.”

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