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Corsair has been selling fans with magnetically levitating blades for some time now. What started out as single and double fans with gray blades and black frames has evolved.

ML fans were later offered in solid LED color options of white, red, and blue, to give the cases a bit of bling, but Corsair didn’t stop there. With all the hype that is RGB these days, it makes sense that Corsair is taking the ML120 and ML140 fans into this area, and that’s why we have you here today.

Much like with the Dual-Light Loop fans, Corsair offers the ML-series fans in one or two-pack configurations, but single LED effects won’t work on their own, as they are sold to be double add-ons. pack kits. Since the one-piece fans don’t ship with the RGB lighting hub, nor the Lighting Node PRO, this makes perfect sense.

Aside from the extras provided in the double boxes, all ML140 fans are designed to provide 55.4 CFM airflow with 1.27mmH2O static pressure. Sound levels are rated at just 20.4 dB (A), are PWM controlled and come with a five year warranty.

The price of ML140 fans is as follows. To get started, you need the ML140 RGB PRO Dual Pack, which will set you back $ 99.99 to get it. Beyond that, if you want to use more than this pair of fans, for each additional ML140 RGB PRO fan you will need to shell out $ 39.99 per fan.

For us, it takes a lot from a fan, but with what Corsair is sending out, bringing LINK software into the mix, outside of the LL fan series, these are some of the most feature-rich fans we’ve seen. .

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In typical Corsair fashion, the ML140 PRO RGB fans come in a black box with yellow highlights. We see a pair of fans on the cover, one with many colors displayed, while the one on the back is solid green.

In addition to explaining that these are 140mm magnetic levitation RGB PWM fans, the icons indicate maglev rolling, dynamic RGB lighting, the use of Corsair LINK and that they have full PWM control. .

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The information on the back of the box begins with the same icons we saw on the front. To the right, you will find information on the need for the Fan Hub and Lighting Node PRO to run RGB functionality, as well as an additional section on Corsair Link. The lower half is where Corsair lists the specs and is also where the product sticker is located.

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The inner packaging is sturdy and stacking the fans with the hardware box between them helps separate the heavier items from each other. Fan wiring is contained in the thickest part of the yellow boxes, and everything you need to run the ML140 PRO RGB fans is contained inside the thinnest box in the middle.

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The accessories are quite abundant in the twin-pack. From left to right we have the 3-pin but two-wire cable that connects the hub to the node, and next to it we see the USB cable that allows software control.

We then encountered the SATA powered fan hub, with the SATA powered light node and two 3M mounting pads next to it. At the bottom are the pair of clips for easy cable management and eight fan screws to mount the pair of fans into the case. One-piece fans come with just four screws and zip ties.

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To make sure everything goes as planned, Corsair provides step-by-step instructions for proper connectivity of this system, that way they work the first time around, with no need to come back later and troubleshoot them. They also include a second insert that covers what Corsair will and will not cover during the term of the five-year warranty.

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At first glance, these ML140 PRO RGB fans look just like any other, with the black frames, gray rubber anti-vibration pads in the corners, and the Corsair sticker covering the fan hub. What is different is that the seven blades are white and each hub of the CO-9050078-WW fans has four RGB LEDs inside to provide a truly remarkable light show. The fans come with two wires, a 4-pin fan power connection, and a much thinner 4-pin connection that goes to the fan hub.

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Once the installation is complete, you can turn on the PC, access Corsair and grab the latest version of the LINK software. Once installed and on the home page, you can click on the section for fans.

Once done, this is the window you will see, where fans can be added to the Lighting Node Pro channels, each of which can control six fans. Make sure the correct fan type is selected, click on the fan icons and with the section below you can change modes, speed, direction and sometimes color. For more on this topic, see the video below.

We have chosen the most impressive mode for these fans to be displayed, in our opinion. Often times the LED lighting on the box is nothing like what fans can do in real life, but with ML140 PRO RGB fans you can have just that.

Of course, there are other options as well, but there is no doubt in our mind that they are an attractive addition to any chassis that supports a 140mm fan and a way to view them.

While we like the capabilities of Dual-Light Loop fans over these, the ML140 PRO RGB fans take a very close second place. The airflow has been increased, but the static pressure has been reduced, comparing the old LL fans to the newer ML fans, but the difference is minimal.

When placed behind a restrictive fan filter, they can lose up to half of their airflow and the noise will increase if the filter is very close to the fans. In normal testing, we find that the ML140 PRO RGB fans only deliver 32dB into the room at maximum speed, and the airflow is sufficient to help keep a chassis well ventilated. We also noticed a lack of vibration with the maglev fans, and while we expected so much, it noticeably lacks and looks impressive.

Once you’ve gone through all the issues with wiring, routing, connecting, and selecting the correct fans in the software, the fun begins. Fans can be turned off, but why buy RGB LED fans if you want to turn them off, but we can see where at night this could be a handy feature.

Apart from that, you can use two versions of the rainbow modes; you can set them to any color, you have the option to use them with only two colors on each fan. You can even see the thermal spectrum of the PC, along with a few other modes which you will also see in the video.

The only problem we have with the ML140 PRO RGB fans is that Corsair only sent us two, as we wanted more to fill a chassis and see the effects in action on a larger scale.

Cost is a determining factor in whether ML140 PRO RGB fans are right for you or not. Of course, for $ 99.99 you get a super attractive addition to cases with tempered glass bezels or those with large windows to see them hanging on the top or back of the sash.

However, if you dream of filling a chassis with, say, five of these fans, we’re already going over $ 200 in fans. While Fancy and Corsair fans offer the best options for LED control and user interface usability, you will have to pay for this privilege.

For us the fans are amazing, not as spectacular as the LL140 RGB fans we tested, but very close. Very expensive. Corsair and their ML140 PRO RGB fans are here to impress, and that’s something they’ve certainly accomplished.

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