Elcome and Transfluid Provide Hybrid Electric Propulsion System for New Ribcraft Patrol Boat

A new patrol vessel which has just been launched by Ribcraft in Dubai is powered by a unique hybrid electric system supplied by Transfluid and Elcome International.

The two companies worked together to design and install the economical diesel-electric system for the Ribcraft nine-meter professional-grade rigid-hull inflatable boat. A client in the Middle East needed a Patrol RHIB intended for monitoring protected environmental areas with a zero environmental footprint, while being able to operate at speeds above 40 knots for safety and security missions.

Elcome was responsible for all aspects of the specification, integration, installation, testing and commissioning of the Transfluid hybrid system, which can operate in electric only, engine only, or booster mode. All systems and equipment on board have been specified and designed in collaboration with Ribcraft’s team of technical designers and naval architects.

The system architecture, developed by Transfluid, integrates a clutch and a transmission that allow fast and transparent switching between modes. When the clutch is disengaged, the vessel operates solely on battery power, providing quiet, emissions-free operation. In “engine” mode, the clutch is engaged and the two Volvo Penta D4 DPH diesels propel the boat and can also recharge the batteries if necessary at the push of a button. In “booster” mode, the battery electric motor and diesel engines provide maximum thrust for the powertrain.

The boat can operate efficiently and quietly in electric mode during low speed patrols or in protected waters, and quickly switch to high speed operation as needed.

Diesel engines can be put into service while running on electricity to recharge the batteries as needed to extend the operating range. Lithium batteries can also be charged from a shore power connection when docked.

The fully integrated turnkey solution uses a proprietary electronic controller that communicates with all components via CAN bus protocol. Hybrid modules, batteries and electric motors are approved by DNV.

The three modes of operation allow the boat operator to use smaller, cheaper and more efficient diesel engines, resulting in substantial savings in fuel consumption and longer service intervals without sacrificing performance. The system also offers more flexibility for boats operating in and out of environmentally protected areas, while providing improved working conditions for the crew, without diesel fumes or noise when operating in electric mode.

“The demand for electric and hybrid marine propulsion systems is growing rapidly around the world, driven by a growing awareness of environmental sustainability and a desire to reduce operating and maintenance costs,” said Jimmy Grewal, Director Executive of Elcome International.

“The hybrid diesel-electric system developed for the new Ribcraft patrol vessel incorporates a simple, plug-and-play design that can be cost-effectively installed on new or existing vessels,” said Gianluigi Taroni, Director of Sales, Transfluid SpA.

“Transfluid and Elcome have been excellent partners for the Ribcraft 9.0 Patrol RHIB, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with their talented engineering and application teams on future projects,” said Adelina Florescu, Head of Development commercial at Ribcraft.

About Elcome International
Elcome was founded in 1970 and is one of the largest shipping companies in the world with a diverse portfolio of technologies, solutions and services. The company is headquartered in Dubai and has 24 offices in 11 countries stretching from Europe to Southeast Asia, with a total of over 500 employees. Elcome is the authorized sales and service representative for the world’s leading OEMs in the defense, energy, marine and yachting industries. . Elcome also operates an FTA approved training center and bridge simulator in Dubai and provides training and certification for bridge operators and officers.

About Transfluide
Transfluid was founded in 1957 and specializes in the production and design of large, medium and small power transmissions. Thanks to our skills and our experience, Transfluid has now been able to create what are the products of the future, namely parallel hybrid transmissions and purely electric transmissions. We have started the production of our permanent magnet motors, which complement the hybrid product and the pure electric product in the most complete way. Our hybrid and electric systems guarantee maximum respect for the environment in terms of emissions and noise. With its vast network of subsidiaries, service centers and distributors around the world, Transfluid guarantees maximum reliability of its systems.

About Ribcraft
Founded in Great Britain over 30 years ago, Ribcraft has earned a world-class reputation as a world leader in the construction of professional-grade custom rigid inflatable boats. With major contracts for clients ranging from the defense industry to law enforcement and commercial operators around the world, Ribcraft has invaluable knowledge and experience to truly bring customers’ concept to life.

Ribcraft is unique as a global manufacturer in that all designs and construction of the entire RHIB are built in-house in a purpose-built facility, with hull sizes from 4.8 to 12.5m. This ensures full quality control of all aspects of manufacturing, providing a high level of finish and attention to detail. Ribcraft facilities in UK, USA and UAE have a team of experts on site, who can bring your concept to life and are more than capable of meeting individual requirements.

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