Electra Completes Low Emission eSTOL Hybrid Aircraft Engine Test

MANASSAS, Va., September 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Electra.aero, Inc. (“Electra”), a next-generation aerospace company with a mission to help decarbonize aviation and open new air travel markets, has successfully completed a fully integrated test of the proprietary hybrid-electric propulsion system for its low-carbon electric short take-off and landing (eSTOL) aircraft, bringing Electra one step closer to harnessing its hybrid engine technology to significantly reduce emissions, the noise and aircraft operating costs.

The hybrid system is integrated into Electra’s piloted technology demonstration aircraft, to demonstrate and test Electra’s eSTOL ultra-short take-off and landing performance and fuel burn savings. The technology was first developed for Electra’s 9-passenger eSTOL aircraft and will later be adapted to larger aircraft.

Hybrid-electric propulsion is Electra’s first step on the path to zero-emission air mobility, used initially because it is the only sustainable technology capable of meeting the autonomy demands of the regional air mobility market. . Electra’s eSTOL aircraft is designed so that hydrogen and battery electric propulsion systems can be used in the future when these technologies are commercially viable. To support these long-term goals, Electra is exploring green hydrogen with partner Plug Power (NASDAQ: PLUG), the leading provider of turnkey hydrogen fuel cell solutions.

“The tight coupling of airframe and propulsion systems is the hallmark of Electra’s unique and scalable approach to delivering net zero emissions for regional and transport aircraft by 2050,” said JP Stewart, vice president and general manager of Electra. “Electra’s eSTOL aircraft uses this patent-pending technology for the urban and regional aircraft market, enabling a reduction of 5 billion tonnes of CO2 created by inefficient ground transportation in personal cars every year.”

Testing of the hybrid-electric system took place at Electra’s propulsion development facility in Swiss. Electra’s hybrid system uses a combination of high-power batteries and a turbogenerator to power eight electric motors and propellers.

About Electra.aero

Electra.aero, Inc. is a next-generation aerospace company leading the way in sustainable urban and regional mobility. The company builds clean, hybrid-electric, ultra-short take-off and landing (eSTOL) aircraft that carry people and cargo quieter, farther and at lower cost. Electra’s technology offers 2.5 times the payload and 10 times the range with 70% lower operating costs than vertical take-off alternatives with significantly less certification risk, proving that the technology climate-friendly can also be profitable. Electra’s team includes some of the most respected and successful entrepreneurs and engineers in innovative aircraft design, and its technology development is backed by NASA, the US Air Force and a coalition of private investors.

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