Hot Rod Magazine’s Iconic Chevrolet 57 Gets EV Engine Swap For SEMA


with a richer modification history than Project X. The folks at Hot Rod bought this thing in 1965 for just $ 250.

Since then, it has served as a test bed for just about all of the different automotive technologies to hit the hot rodding world. He used carburetors before switching to fuel injection.

It was originally powered by an inline six before a V8 found its way under the hood. Then it went from naturally aspirated to supercharged. Now it is taking the next logical step, electrification.

Project X has always served the automotive community by pushing the boundaries with revolutionary technologies …“said Douglas Glad, director of content for the MotorTrend Group.

What is fascinating, however, is that there is not something mundane VE system. This configuration includes parts that are rated as next-generation Chevrolet Performance products.

The electric motor is still in the front and produces 340 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels. Chevrolet has also stayed true to the hot rodding culture.

The quick-change differential can be easily swapped out to provide harsher acceleration or conversely to provide more range. The battery is also a product under test.

The 400-volt lithium-ion battery contains only 30 kWh worth of electricity, which Chevrolet says is enough range for weekend cruises. Cagnazzi Racing, the company Chevrolet hired to make the swap, can be seen in the video below as they contemplate the work ahead.

As they point out, removing the old engine and transmission is the easiest part. The assembly of the EV powertrain required rethinking the use of the supplied parts.

Overall, Vic Cagnazzi believes that hot rodders will primarily turn to this type of platform. “We see this next leap in EV performance propulsion as a natural evolution for hot rodding. Our goal with this conversion was to maintain the appearance and integrity of the classic hot rod while modernizing the propulsion technology.. “

From the outside, you would never know it was different from every other Chevrolet 57. Its yellow paint, classic five-spoke wheels and chrome accents are more timeless than ever. Now it just has instant horsepower and torque from 0 mph. Of course, you’ll never hear it coming, so keep your eyes peeled for SEMA for this one-of-a-kind custom car.

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