Japanese engine manufacturers team up to focus on hydrogen



Three of Japan’s leading marine engine manufacturers, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Yanmar Power Technology., And Japan Engine Corporation have formed a joint venture called HyEng Corporation.

The new company, which will focus on the development of hydrogen-powered marine engines, was initially announced at the Zero Emission Ships seminar hosted by the Nippon Foundation in May.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries will develop medium-speed 4-stroke engines, Yanmar Power Technology will focus on medium and high-speed 4-stroke engines, and Japan Engine Corporation will embark on the development of low-speed 2-stroke engines.

The three simultaneous developments will enhance the propulsion and auxiliary generator engine product line for a wide range of vessels, with hydrogen storage and supply components also being developed as part of an integrated fuel system.

The three partners said in a statement: “By cooperating on common fundamental technologies such as basic experiments and analyzes on hydrogen combustion, sealing materials and techniques, as well as the requirements of the companies of classification, each company aims to bring hydrogen engines to the market. by 2025.

Kawasaki Heavy is also the builder of the world’s first liquefied hydrogen transporter and is building a hydrogen supply chain between Australia and Japan with the Japanese government keen to develop hydrogen as a major future energy source.


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