MAN registers more than 100 orders for its ME-GA engine

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Nick Blenkey

Engine type MAN B&W 5G70ME-GA

The latest addition to MAN Energy Solutions’ dual-fuel two-stroke portfolio, the MAN B&W ME-GA Otto cycle engine, has already won 100 orders since May 2021. Simultaneously, the company reports that the first LNG carrier powered by ME-GA will enter service in the summer of 2023.

The ME-GA engine has been designed to provide a low CAPEX solution for certain types of vessels and applications, such as LNG carriers capable of using boil-off gas as a fuel source.

“The speed with which the ME-GA has reached this milestone is a testament to its wide acceptance by oil majors, charterers, shipyards, ship designers and ship owners as the preferred second generation Otto cycle engine. of the industry for LNG carriers,” said Bjarne Foldager, Senior Vice President and Head of Two-Stroke Business, MAN Energy Solutions. “This achievement adds to the strong foundation and proven track record that MAN Energy Solutions already has to bring new technologies to market.”

Every ME-GA engine is fitted with an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system that reduces methane slip emissions by up to 50%, compared to first-generation Otto cycle engines without EGR.

MAN claims that the increased focus on reducing methane slip – along with other operational/technical benefits – has essentially established EGR as a new standard in contemporary LNG carrier designs with cycle engines. Otto.

In addition to providing the significant reduction in methane slip, EGR simultaneously improves fuel efficiency in both gas and oil operation. Ultimately, EGR actively reduces emissions and improves efficiency in Tiers II and III.

MAN Energy Solutions’ proprietary EGR system began development over a decade ago and was first applied to a commercial project in 2013. Initially focused on NOx Tier III compliance, the system has since evolved into a sturdy engine tuning tool. which today has orders for more than 275 engines.

“The ME-GA is just the latest in a series of initiatives that MAN Energy Solutions has launched to decarbonize shipping and drive the maritime energy transition to sustainable fuels,” said Thomas S. Hansen, Head of promotion and customer support, MAN Energy Solution. “Our dual-fuel engines are based on proven technology, and our LNG-powered ME-GA and ME-GI engines set the standard for reliable, environmentally friendly propulsion with seamless switching between fuels.”

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