MTU looks to advancements in emission-free engine technology

MTU Aero Engines is exploring advancements such as gas turbine engines with a geared turbojet and concepts such as an enhanced water turbojet and flying fuel cell as it strives to achieve flight without emissions. The German engine manufacturer details its efforts through an update to its Clean Air Engine technology program at the 2022 Farnborough International Airshow.

The agenda covers potential solutions and concepts for sustainable business drivers and provides timelines for these. MTU sees three main steps towards emission-free flight with alternatives such as hydrogen and sustainable fuels playing a key role alongside technological developments. The first step involves the gear-driven turbofan, which she says could significantly reduce climate impact in conjunction with sustainable aviation fuel. The second, targeting the 2035 horizon, would encompass the upgraded water jet engine and flying fuel cell, as well as a possible hydrogen gear jet engine.

In the longer term, targeting 2050, MTU believes that stage three will involve further efficiency gains through new propulsion with the use of fuel cells on short- and medium-haul routes.

On the military side, MTU (Hall 1, Booth 1116) is also using an interactive exhibit to showcase the concepts behind its innovations for the Next European Fighter Engine that would power the sixth-generation European fighter aircraft. It also offers an interactive exhibition on repair technologies.

Additionally, MTU hopes to use the Farnborough Airshow as a recruiting tool, and human resources specialists are on its stand to advise visitors on career and advancement opportunities.

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