NASA and US industry accelerate advancement of turbojets


Blue origin and Sierra Space have announced plans for Orbital Reef, a commercially developed, owned and operated space station that will be built in low earth orbit. They hope the station will usher in the next chapter in the exploration and development of human space by facilitating the growth of a vibrant ecosystem and a business model for the future. Orbital Reef is supported by leaders and teammates in the space industry, including Boeing, Red thread space, Genesis Engineering Solutions, and Arizona State University.

Orbital Reef will provide research, industrial, international and commercial clients with the competitive end-to-end services they need, including space transportation and logistics, space habitat, equipment accommodation and operations, including including the crew on board. The station will begin to operate in the second half of this decade.

Orbital Reef will be operated as a “mixed-use business park” in space. The shared infrastructure supports the exclusive needs of various tenants and visitors. It presents a human-centered spatial architecture with practical and safe services and equipment. Orbital Reef will provide the essential infrastructure necessary to develop economic activity and open up new markets in the space.

Reusable space transportation and intelligent design, accompanied by advanced automation and logistics, are expected to minimize costs and complexity for traditional space operators and newcomers, allowing as many users as possible to pursue their goals. . The open system architecture allows a customer or country to connect and scale to meet demand. Module berths, vehicle ports, utilities and amenities all increase as the market grows.

Orbital Reef’s business model is designed to support a diverse portfolio of uses. The team has services and systems to meet the needs of emerging customers, including researchers, manufacturers and visitors. Orbital Reef offers standard interfaces at all levels: locker, rack and module. Seasoned space agencies, high-tech consortia, sovereign nations without space programs, media and travel companies, sponsored entrepreneurs and sponsored inventors and forward-looking investors must all have their place on Orbital Reef.

The Orbital Reef team brings proven capabilities and new visions to deliver key components and services, including experience in building and operating the International Space Station:

• Blue Origin – Utility Systems, Large Diameter Base Modules and New Glenn Heavy Duty Reusable Launch System.

• Sierra Space – Large Integrated Flexible Environment module (VIE), node module and runway landing Dream Chaser Space Plane for crew and freight transport, capable of landing on runways around the world.

• Boeing – scientific module, station operations, maintenance engineering and Starliner crew spaceship.

• Redwire Space – Research, development and manufacturing; payload operations and deployable structures.

• Genesis Engineering Solutions – One-person spacecraft for routine operations and sightseeing excursions.

• Arizona State University – Leads a global consortium of universities providing research advisory and public education services.

Arizona State University (ASU) leads a global consortium of universities, the Orbital Reef University Advisory Council. Comprised of over a dozen leading academic institutions with expertise in space and microgravity research, the Academic Research Advisory Board will focus on the needs of the academic community, stimulate research, advise novice researchers , evolve standards of conduct and lead STEM awareness.

Members of the University Advisory Board include:

• Arizona State University

• Colorado School of Mines

• International Space University

• Oxford University

• Purdue University

• South West Research Institute

• Stanford University

• University of Central Florida

• University of Colorado at Boulder

• University of Florida

• University of Michigan

• University of Texas at El Paso

• University of Texas Medical Branch

• Vanderbilt University

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