New emission-free propulsion system for the commercial vessels of Torqeedo and Italdraghe


Torqeedo and Italdraghe today announced the joint development of a retractable outboard electric propulsion system for commercial vessels in inland and urban waterways.

The system combines Torqeedo’s Deep Blue high voltage power supply system and the proven and extensively field-tested azimuth thrusters in Italdraghe. It is designed to provide emission-free power and directional thrust ideal for maneuvering on environmentally sensitive waterways.

Torqeedo’s award-winning and highly efficient Deep Blue system, integrated with Italdraghe’s azimuth thrusters, provides continuous power of 50 kW and peak power of 65 kW. The propellers can rotate up to 360 degrees and the drive units have a 600mm depth adjustment for shallow water operation and can be tilted up to 60 degrees for maintenance without the need to uninstall them from the boat.

Torqeedo supplies a 50 kW Deep Blue electric motor / inverter, which integrates with the Italdraghe thruster. The Torqeedo system also includes one or more high capacity Deep Blue lithium-ion batteries, a shore charger, a system management unit for energy and power management, as well as a touch screen and a joystick. gases.

Deep Blue lithium-ion batteries, depending on the number installed, can provide power from 80 kWh to 1 MWh. They meet IEC 62619 and IEC 62620 requirements, making them suitable for use in EU inland navigation vessels subject to ES-TRIN standards (European standard setting technical requirements for inland navigation vessels). A DNV-GL approved battery variant is also available for offshore applications.

“There are many commercial applications that can be electrified very economically using this concept. Our goal is to keep the total cost of ownership low by providing a system-level solution, including remote design, service, maintenance and diagnostics. This makes electrification as easy and safe as possible for the shipyard and the fleet operator, ”explains Matthias Schubert, Project Sales Manager for Torqeedo.

Schubert observed that most commercial fleets in European cities are powered by decades-old marine diesel engines. Their CO2 emissions do not meet international targets for reducing global warming, and human health is also at risk. The electrification of commercial fleets in downtown waterways can be done easily and cost effectively, as the speed of the vessels is limited resulting in lower battery discharge rates and they typically only operate 8-14. hours a day, leaving enough time for charging overnight.

Engineer Massimo Semprini, Technical and Commercial Director of Italdraghe, said: “Our integrated electrical solution is designed to make the investment to convert existing fleets to electricity even more economically and environmentally beneficial. We will work closely with Torqeedo’s application engineers to design and install the ideal system for each application.

The new electric drive package will be on display at booth 4214 at Europort 2021 in Rotterdam from November 2-5.
Source: Torqueedo

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