Rolls-Royce produced the world’s fastest electric aircraft engine, reaching 623 km / h

Only a few weeks after its first flight, the “Spirit of Innovation” reached a speed of 623 km / h, breaking the speed record for electric planes, it also maintained the maximum speed of 555 km / h on a course of 3 km and the lowest time to reach 3000 meters above sea level, 202 seconds. These records have not yet been certified, but if the speed of 555km / h was confirmed, the Spirit of Innovation would break the current record of 342km / h held by an Extra 330LE powered by a Siemens engine at 213km / h.

All this took place on November 16, and to have the records certified, the RR submits the data to the FAI, the body responsible for world records in aviation, extended to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.

The Spirit of Innovation is an old-school “drag tail” plane (rear facing), RR claims he used “the most powerful propulsion battery ever assembled in the aerospace industry“, with 6,480 cells that power a 400 kW (535 hp) and 750 volt motor.

Electric planes are currently not particularly practical, as current batteries are 50 times less energy dense (equivalent) than jet fuel.

However, they are promising for very short journeys, and for breaking speed / altitude records, since they go directly to full power, as this model has just demonstrated.

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