Safer, efficient and cleaner urban public transport infrastructure coupled with sophisticated and modern freight service to move goods at a faster pace is one of the answers to India’s mobility challenges. They make a dynamic economy like that of India more dynamic and meet the growing needs of its citizens.

Pivoting India’s agenda is the 20211 report from the International Transport Forum in Paris, titled “Decarbonizing India’s Transport System: Charting the Way Forward”. As part of India’s evolving social infrastructure and digital revolution, a new and more relevant focus is being formed on green mobility. A more sustainable and futuristic urban mobility, both in terms of public transport and freight transport, is advocated. Mass Rail Rapid Transit System (MRTS), Light Rail Transit System (Metrolite), MetroNeo and Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) are some of the areas in which India is making rapid progress.


In India, railways are the lifeline carrying millions of passengers and massive volumes of essential goods every day. This demonstrates its eminence in the lives of citizens. Aligning with the rapid progress of the economy and urbanization, the government too recognizes the need to modernize Indian Railways as a priority and Hitachi as a key stakeholder is fulfilling this, ‘energizing’ a society and delivering relentless innovation on wheels to take the economy to a new high.

Even during the pandemic, Hitachi has ensured that India never stops. With decades of transformational experience in mass urban mobility and a 24/7 technology platform in place, Hitachi has had a significant impact on government efforts to modernize transport routes. iron and provide a better transportation experience.

Hitachi Rail offers future-oriented rail solutions that integrate high-performance rolling stock to advance signaling systems. It has put the government’s ambitious Dedicated Freight Corridors (DFCs) on the fast track.

The DFCs when completed will enable faster speeds for passenger and freight trains by separating the current mixed movement of the two. Dedicated High-Speed ​​Freight Corridors (DFCs) are shining examples of Hitachi’s mastery of state-of-the-art advanced signaling solutions, state-of-the-art Train Monitoring System (TMS) and diagnostics, and more. Telecom solutions are at work in building India’s mobility backbone. Together they ensure safe train operation by monitoring LED signals and points and crossings, an automated level crossing warning system that activates when a train approaches, and a GSM telecommunications system. -R (Global System for mobile communications-railway) which allows communication between the crew and the station personnel. The solution also involves the implementation of the latest European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 1 in the train protection and warning system.

Rail offers future-oriented rail solutions that incorporate high-performance rolling stock to advance signaling systems.

When implementing such projects, Hitachi is also sensitive to the government’s “Make in India” initiative. Thus, has invested in localization with regard to signaling equipment. The electronic locking system and Multi-Section Digital Axle Counter (MSDAC) are now made in India.

“The government, through its visionary and innovative processes, has enabled India to enter the next millennium on a positive note. From a developing geography, we are progressing towards a developed economy. The mandate is to leverage our technological advancements to fuel more innovation, protect our environment, and engage in social engineering to move forward and improve the quality of life for our citizens. At Hitachi, with our next-generation mobility solutions, we make sure we go beyond our imaginations and realize that vision.

-Bharat Kaushal, Managing Director, Hitachi India


Hitachi constantly demonstrates how its comprehensive urban mobility solutions and pioneering capabilities in technology deployment through advanced train control, signaling (CBTC) and telecommunications systems, rolling stock and seamless open-loop transport systems can take India’s mobility growth to the next level. Hitachi Rail actively leverages its trusted modern Japanese and European technologies for ongoing urban transit and subway projects in various states. Hitachi’s focus on its proven solutions and smart mobility disaggregated component integration capabilities for India is commendable. This has been possible thanks to Hitachi’s overarching goal of operating its business to create three value propositions: improving the social, environmental and economic values ​​of customers.

Fulfilling the dreams of millions and strengthening India’s mobility infrastructure, Hitachi Rail has collaborated with Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation in West Bengal to introduce the highly anticipated Kolkata EW Metro, the country’s first underwater metro project . Using its world-renowned OT X IT expertise, Hitachi delivered its state-of-the-art signaling and telecommunications system for Phase 1 in a record 19 months, providing opportunities for sustainable economic, industrial and commercial growth in the region. In 2019, Hitachi won the Mumbai Metro Line 2 and 7 project to supply the Propulsion System, Auxiliary Power Supply (APS) and Train Control Management System (TCMS). It will introduce Unattended Train Operator (GoA4) operation, with high level technology and safety. Hitachi has succeeded in becoming the leading provider of propulsion systems, APS and TCMS in the Indian market.

Hitachi Social Innovation Business enables millions of commuters to travel seamlessly for a better quality of life and contribute to building a sustainable society. In line with the government’s vision of digital transformation of Indian Railways, the third largest railway network in the world, which includes its extensive asset management and smart maintenance, Hitachi has made sure to align itself to support this vision. Hitachi is also fully equipped to provide solutions to achieve sustainable, environmentally friendly and affordable transportation systems. By actively contributing to major rail projects and activating DFCs, Hitachi is helping to minimize pollution and vehicle density, thereby contributing to modal shift while increasing citizen productivity through a faster and improved travel experience.


Through intelligent mobility solutions, Hitachi creates enormous impact. The solutions diligently ensure citizens’ mobile comfort, addressing issues such as last-mile connectivity, optimization of existing capacity, feasibility of various transport modes and demand for security. Hitachi has paved the way for an intelligent transport infrastructure with digital integration that puts the safety and comfort of commuters at the forefront. Above all, Hitachi is helping India significantly decarbonize its mobility sector and build a sustainable society.

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