This modern wind propulsion system for shipping is both ingenious and easy

One of the current objectives of the maritime industry is to accelerate the transition to clean energy alternatives. According to Kongsberg Maritime, an electrical systems specialist, there is a growing demand for advanced wind propulsion in marine transportation.

The company recently launched a partnership with Norsepower, the developer of the modern Rotor Sail solution, to provide shipowners and shipyards with efficient and simple technology.

The Norsepower Rotor Sail is described as a “push-button wind propulsion”Solution, because it is so easy to implement. The set includes the sails (which come in different heights, depending on the type of vessel), a fully automatic control system that adjusts the forward thrust of the sails, a control panel for the captain and a low power supply voltage supply.

The main principle of the Rotor Sail is that, when the wind is strong enough, the system automatically detects it and starts the sails, which allows the engines to slow down.

The system is automatic, using a variable electric drive system to turn the rotor sail, and does not require additional effort on the part of the crew. In this way, the vessel can maintain a constant speed, while saving fuel and reducing emissions. Rotor Sail claims to be ten times more efficient than conventional sails because it uses a smaller sail area to produce more lift.

This modern technology is based on the Flettner rotor, invented by Finnish engineer Sigurd Savonius, and then demonstrated by Anton Flettner, while crossing the Atlantic in 1926. Norsepower claims to have improved the original engineering system , so it’s even more efficient and easy to use.

Earlier this month, Norsepower also won the prestigious Energy Globe Award for Reducing Emissions from Shipping. The Rotor Sail can lead to fuel savings of up to 20%, and it can be easily integrated on most types of cargo ships.

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