Trentar acquires 75 percent stake in drone propulsion system startup – Trishula


  • The agreement is part of the 100 Cr investment planned by Trentar for the UAV ecosystem

  • Trishula will help India to be “Atmanirbhar“on propulsion subsystems – motors, motor, electronic speed controller and propeller and at the same time provide world-class products

Trentar Pvt. Ltd. announced one of the largest acquisitions alongside a majority stake with one of India’s most innovative startups in the UAV propulsion systems industry, Trishula. The acquisition will aim to make India independent and self-sufficient in UAV propulsion systems, a long-standing program for the Indian UAV industry. It will also help put India on the global propulsion systems map.

Trentar had recently acquired GarudaUAV, a leading drone-based platform and service company, and also launched the drone manufacturing division with its own VTOL drone slated for release in early 2022. Trentar had previously committed to invest Rs. 100 Cr in 3 years to design and build specialized drones for defense and civil purposes as well as locally built subsystems.

The recently released liberal drone policies of the government have opened up the drone industry in India. This acquisition backed by Trentar’s commitment will not only contribute to the foray “Make in India“theme but at the same time do India and Indian drone manufacturers”Atmanirbhar“in the propulsion subsystem.

Mr. Subodh Menon, Founder, Trentar, Express, “The completely Indigenous UAV is our vision for Trentar. The acquisition of Trishula is an important step in this direction. In addition to the propulsion systems, many other interventions are planned in the pipeline to consolidate this vision. All of these subsystems will not only be used for Trentar drones, but also sold as components, worldwide. This will transform Trishula into a formidable leader in the global propulsion industry and also pave the way for India to be the go-to market for UAV subsystems – in terms of supply and innovation. We are also committed to promoting the Atmanirbhar mantra and responding to defense needs, locally.

Commenting on the acquisition, Mr. Sudhir Menon, President, Trentar noted, “This acquisition is a continuation of Trentar’s foray into the sunrise industries. We are committed to expanding the field of UAV subsystems exponentially and creating leadership for India and Trentar in the immediate future. Trentar’s main objective will be to provide the necessary tailwind for Trishula to be one of the main players in the segment, on a global level.. “

Mr. Prudhvi Raj, founder of Trishula, noted, “Over the past 3 years, Trishula has focused on creating world class propulsion systems, built from India. The products have been tested, evaluated and proven to perform better than products currently available in the world. The main differentiators of our products are that they are customizable and easy to repair. These, we believe, are essential for an industry that grows extensively and aggressively. We are confident that our drive to innovate, supported by the vision and strength of Trentar, will help us deliver quality, world-class products on a consistent basis.

About Trentar

Trentar Private Limited focuses on the New Age / Sunrise industries. Trentar was launched with the vision to become a major player in New Age industries such as drones, drone based services / software, subsystems, AI, robotics, circular economy.

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About Trishula

Trishula specializes in indigenous and reliable propulsion technology for electric and gasoline drones. Founded in 2018 by Karna Raj and Prudhvi Raj Pakalapati. Trishula has a handful of innovations in drone / UAV propulsion systems covering the majority of commercial and defense propulsion needs. Trishula is by far the only Indian company to supply a complete UAV propulsion system designed, developed and 100% manufactured in India.

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