Yamaha develops an electric propulsion system


Yamaha Marine has announced that it has developed an electric boat control system, known as Harmo, which combines advanced propulsion technology for high thrust with joystick control for maneuverability.

The unit includes a rim-driven electric motor that spins a large wheel. Yamaha said in a press release that this is the first application of rim drive motors, which are used for thrusters and other applications, with a dedicated outboard.


Yamaha said the virtually maintenance-free unit weighs 121 pounds and can maneuver boats up to 32 feet. Harmo is available in single or double configuration.

“Harmo is the perfect system for reduced horsepower or internal combustion waterways,” Ben Speciale, president of the Yamaha Marine US business unit, said in the statement. “Ultimately, it’s up to our boatbuilding customers to decide how to integrate it into their boats.”


The system is available in European markets and through American boat builders; increased availability in the United States is expected within 18 months, according to Yamaha.

Harmo features integrated digital electric steering and Helm Master EX joystick controls. A 48-volt power supply is mated to a high-output, low-drag 3.7 kW motor to produce 225 pounds of static thrust, Yamaha said, the equivalent of a 9.9 gasoline outboard. ch. It allows a steering angle of 140 degrees.


Yamaha said pricing will be based on configuration and run times will depend on battery type (supplied separately) and size, as well as operational parameters.

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